Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break in St George

We went out to find some sun for spring break. We met up with some friends while we were there. We had a great time. This is one of Carson's best friends they have a great time together. We went hiking above the Dixie sign. This is one of the kids favorite things to do while we are there.

This was at the sand dunes and the kids could have spent days there. I got my first sunburn of the season here.

It was nice to suck up the rays.

Carson and Jake spent the day digging holes. I can't believe how far down they got.

Here is Natalee's impression of a mermaid. She looked really cute.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Las Vegas Spring Break Part 2

We went to Vegas after we left St George. We had a great time in the 80 degree weather.
Of course we stopped at the M&M factory to get some chocolate. The kids admitted that these places do not hold the same magic that they once did when they were younger.

The kids actually thought this bear was creepy. But I still made them get a picture with him anyway. These are the only ways that we can legally torture our children these days.

This is at the Game Works cafe. The food was good but we were rushing out to get to our Titanic exhibit.

Here we are at the end of the exhibit. This was our favorite part of the trip. As you can see by the picture that Natalee and Matt lived. But Carson and I died. The kids loved this more than I thought they would. They are getting older when a museum type exhibit is cool.

This is on the moving walkway between Excalibur and Luxor. The kids were trying to find the Krispy Kreme donut place. Don't worry we found it. After that we stole away a few hours to spend with our cousins. We met them for dinner and time to chat. We wish we would have had more time in Vegas to just hang out with them. But it was a great trip. Any time you get away from school, work, callings, carpool, PTA, baseball, softball, piano, scouts, and just get to hang out it is a great trip for us.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mini Me

Is this scary or what? She looks a little like me. Natalee had my sis braid her hair and this was the result the next morning. She is just growing up way to fast. We need a tall tower like the one on Tangled to keep her in.

Our little place in Lava

Matt's Mom gave us a gift certificate for Christmas to a little place in Lava Hot Springs. I have one of the best sisters ever that agreed to take our kids for 2 night so that we could go. Here was our little room.
The best part about this place is that you got to share a bathroom with about 4 other rooms. We laughed about that and the no TV in our room. But we really had a great time.
We wanted to give you both angles so you could appreciate it all.

The hot springs were AMAZING that made it totally worth it. We got in 3 different times. It was cold outside, but hot in those pools. It was really fun to spend some time away and alone.

Here is a picture of the Inn. We also had dinner at a little Thai place that is located in an old gas station. Lava was a fun place to visit. Thanks Barb for introducing us to this place.

Yes Carson had a birthday too!

So Carson turned the big 10 this year. We had so many different parties that I can't keep them straight.
Here is the new bike that he got. No more of this little kid stuff this one has all the speeds on it.

Here he is on his birthday morning. We wake them up nice and early so that Matt can be there when we give them gifts. That is a crazy tradition that has come from my side of the family. We never really learned to wait for things so we did it early.

Christmas in March?

Yes this is part of my catching up that I am doing. My Mom said that she was sure that things have happened in our life since Natalee's birthday. The problem is that too many things have happened. Natalee got a cricut and she has loved making little card and other things with it. She is a very crafty girl and this was right up her alley.

Carson finally got the iPod that he has been dreaming about. He loves all the apps and loves to change them around all the time.

Here is Natalee's load. Please don't ever buy her anything pink she hates that color.

Carson is all boy as you can see. He loves sports and it has been fun to watch him grow up to. Now I just need to find the pause button on my kids and life will be great.

This is the crew doing Just Dance on Christmas day. We had a great time with it. Too bad I don't have the pictures of my parents when they took their turn.

Playing major catch up!

The 4th grade ski trip, although I am glad that the kids get this opportunity it makes me crazy. Because after they beg us to go and ski all the time. I do not enjoy winter sports at all but they do have fun.
Carson was so excited about it. He has heard all about it from Natalee for the last few years. They all had a great time.